Fuck school laptops

I'm makeing a list of why I don't want school laptops and eventualy show this (after translateing... maby) to the school people

The case of administrators in the Lower Merion School District (LMSD) spying on students through mandatory, school-provided laptops struck a chord with bloggers

Since you don't fully control the laptop, you can't trust it at all even if running a free gnu+linux distro since you don't know what has been installed in the background. thay could easily allow remote ssh to the root user whitch is not only bad privacy wise as it allows them to do whatever thay wish but also a HUGE security risk.

We don't know what thay are doing, thay most likely record all the time but since thay don't tell us about everything thay installed on it (and even if thay did, we can't be sure thay arn't lieing), it is not to be trusted.

In my case I know (and have been told) that it is most likely windows laptops, I'm very much agenst windows as it is nonfree and spies on the user. Normaly if I ever had to use windows, I always use debloat scripts that strip out some of but not all of the spying and junk thats preinstalled (unless the windows computer isn't mine I.E. useing someone elses computer for a quick internet search or need to help them with something) but since it's a school issued laptop I most likely won't get administrative access over it (Actually I can get around that with a windows exploit that lets me get full system access but thats not the point) and therefore can't run the debloat scripts.

At my school I have asked one of the I.T. people (Pretty long time ago so there might be a diffrent answer next time I ask if I see them) about useing free software and explained I don't mean free as in zero price even thought it is actually also zero price (please donate tho) so that microsoft and google wont collect so much of our data and thay said that microsoft has a agreement with the school saying that thay won't collect such data. since I haven't seen this agreement myself, I have no reason to belive them. Thay also said that thay can't trust free services by other people but I think thay misunderstood me as I told them to host the services on school server or a vps but I think thay though I ment use these services but hosted by other people whitch is not what I ment

I'd recommend looking into nextcloud for good storage solution and some cool features like calling app. It's pretty modular and lets enable or disable pretty anything. not convinced? read this!


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